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Young Businesswomen


So you can live life and love it.


M. Green & Co. LLC is the parent company of service based brands that seek to assist creative, world changers in their mission to impact lives. Each company under the umbrella was created with love and our clients in mind. We look forward to serving you! 


Built on Excellence, Catered to Love

M. Green Assists

M. Green Assists serves as a Virtual/Administrative Assistant Agency. I help your business become organized, stay organized, as well as assist in taking care of the back office items so you can run your company as you see fit without stressing about the minor details.

Working Cafe
Event Planner and Costumer

Lovingly Yours Events & Styles LLC

Lovingly Yours Events & Styles is an event planning and personal style business created to help you with managing your events with style, class, sophistication, and grace. I have worked alongside some of the surrounding cities top businesses and have helped their events go off without a hitch, as well as planned personal events for clients from children's birthday parties to more intimate settings.  Allow me the pleasure to assist you in doing the same.

T.A.G.G.E.D By B&H

T.A.G.G.E.D By B&H is a minimalist T-shirt line that accommodates businesses and individuals of all types. We've created designs for personal use as well as businesses and nonprofit organizations. We've personalized masks, bags, cups, mugs, even socks! Allow us to brand your items to show off your business logo or any phrase you choose!

Helping Hands

Club L.O.V.E. Inc.

Club L.O.V.E. Inc. is a non profit organization that aims to unite women in helping them develop mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually. We hosted our first breast cancer awareness event honoring survivors and bringing awareness. We partnered with a Registered Nurse and a Physician's Assistant to educate our guests on what to look for and how to be aware of the signs. We also hosted a vision board party and brought in experts to provide motivation and inspiration on each topic to carry them in the new year. 



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